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Mira Laime
Guya Nm
• 12/3/2016
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Mira Laime
Guya Nm
• 6/24/2018
Hey, I made a speculation video on the ending of Agony and I was Just wondering if this wiki is definitive lore for example Baphomet mentions something of a dark lord in one of the endings which I assumed to be Satan --Baphomet's quote "you've signed a packed with our dark lord... And your soul will always belong to him! Not to that red whore and her f**cking *beast!*" But in the wiki it states that Satan is the beast.. so who is the dark lord? Thank you for your time.
• 6/25/2018
Why don't you start a new discussion with your question? As a response here to my post, it's less likely that other users on this wiki will see it. I'm a member of FANDOM's support team, which means I can help if there are problems, but I'm not an expert on the topic of this wiki.

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