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Men who has been condemned to Hell for there sins.

Most were rapist, murderers, gluttons, traitors, tyrants, and liars.


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Nimrods frail form, as punishment from The Red Goddess. His need to dominate the Heavens and God has lead him to his own demise, and now he shall become the new pet of the Goddess.

Damned Woman

Women who has been condemned to Hell for there sins.

Most were whores, murderers, gluttons, traitors, tyrants and liars.


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The Onoskelis

Female Demons who are mentally unstable of their wellbeing. The head of an venus flytrap, legs of a goat, and a body of an woman.


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The Chort

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The Monarch Chort

Male Demons who are the muscle of the Red Goddess, these hulking beasts are strong yet reckless.


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The Ifrit

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The Lost Soul

Vengeful Souls that have reincarnated from the sins of mankind, they hunt and torture their victims with flames and terrible memories.

The Succubus / Succubi

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The Succubi

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The Succubus

Demonic Women who seek out the lust of both demon and mankind, though the pleasure they offer wont last very long, maybe because that they eat you while your having a 'blissful time'.


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The Spider

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The Hairless Spider

A large mass of multiple people merging into one being, hairy creatures that cannot see; only feels the vibration of the ground can they find you.

Small Spider

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The Small Spider

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The Parasite Small Spider

Indeed spiders, but hideous when closely looked at. One may not be dangerous, but many is enough to kill multiple men at once.

Enormous Chort

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The Enormous Chort

A bigger and angrier version of the Chort, this being does not care what or who it kills; it just wants you out of its territory.


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The Snake

Snakes are dangerous indeed, but a snake with multiple maws and makes it hard to escape it after it takes a bite out of you.

The Beast

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The Beast

A massive abomination that resembles the Devils imprisoned body, and was made from the shadows of Sin and Depravity; the manifestation of Madness and Brutality.


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Fallen Angel #1

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Fallen Angel #2

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Fallen Angel #3

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Fallen Angel #4

Fallen beings that lost their beauty and faith, they weep softly in isolation, begging to leave this dimension. But what did they do or what made them fall down to the darkest pit in Hell.


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Flying whale like beast, that is the most mysterious being in Hell, who or what made these creature.


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Lucifer's most trusted companion and worshiper. But that was long before the Red Goddess took over. Baphomet may have lost his rights as 2nd lord of Hell, and has a grudge against the Red Goddess. But he still follows the ways of the Dark Lord.

The Red Goddess

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The Red Goddess

A Queen, a Whore, a Innocent Girl, a Wonderful Woman, and a cunning Woman... She is the most mysterious Goddess to ever rule Hell, She once helped Lucifer create most of Hell.

Only for her to trick him and rule over Hell under her rulership.

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