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An exclusive demo version of Agony is given to the Kickstarter backer when donating $6.66 to the game's Kickstarter campaign via Steam key, available on November 2016. It was reviewed by some of the most subscribed YouTubers who bought the demo, including TheBrainDit, Kuplinov, penguinz0, and MYM ALK4PON3.


Starting the demo, it plays the opening intro cutscene of Nimrod's descend. After the cutscene, the game displays the menu screen much entirely different to the one in the game's final release. The menu includes:

  • DEMO LEVEL - Start the game.
  • OPTIONS - Customize the option.
  • EXIT - Exit the game.
  • Hud collection of statuettes and "knowledges".

Beginning the game, it displays an earlier version of the loading screen of random Bible verses. Afterwards, Nimrod begins in the unknown location rather than starting at the Gates of Hell.

Other several differences are identified in gameplay:

  • Talking to the martyrs is not available.
  • Different fonts for the objective pop-ups.
  • The Madman did not wear a mask. Lacking an option to talk with him, this skips to the moment as he start blocking the hole with stones and deformed infants.
  • Nimrod's hand is not shown when drawing the missing piece for the sigil.
  • A total of 6 statuettes can be found.

The demo ends with Nimrod getting killed by a couple of Spiders, leading his soul to depart from his body and goes to possess the chained Chort.

The message is displayed:

"Thank you for playing!
This concludes the kickstarter demo of Agony! We hope you had fun.
Spread the word! Let's open the doors of hell together!"

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