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The promotional information about the VR edition found in Kickstarter.

Agony VR Edition is a planned virtual-reality port for Agony. It was first revealed on the basic game's Kickstarter page and mentioned that the virtual-reality edition will happen when the pledge reaches over $160,000. Following the success, Madmind Studio stated that they will work on the virtual-reality edition when the basic game releases.

Although once after Agony came out, no further news about the virtual-reality edition ever revealed. After the release of Agony UNRATED, the developer stated that the company is still thinking about the virtual-reality version but depends how successful the introduced UNRATED edition turned out.[1] Madmind Studio later confirmed that someday they will either green light to begin developing the virtual-reality edition or have it developed by another game company.


  1. "Hi Guys, We are thinking about the VR, but it all depends on the success of the regular version. Take care, The Hell Messenger" - The Hell Messenger. October 30, 2018. Steam.

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