The Bag-Headed Martyr are men and women who have gone mad, and covered their faces to avoid looking at the world they are in.


Men and Women who has lost their minds to the reality of the situation they are currently in. They cower in fear denying that it's all real. So they cover their heads with sacks and prevents themselves from looking at the horrors before them, and the spirits that lurk in the shadows.

It's best to remove the bags from there heads to make a larger supply of 'lives', just in case...


They are mind broken sinners and pose no threat whatsoever, but the bags keep them from being possessed or even see what horrors lie ahead in Hell.


The Bag-Headed Martyrs differed from appearance in every way. As they can be spoken to; they speak in an terrified voice, ranting about what they saw, heard, and felt during there time in Hell.