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"You've signed a pact with a Dark Lord."
―Baphomet during the Baphomet Ending, Agony

Baphomet is a demonic deity and a honorable servant of Lucifer himself.[1] He is a Chapter 1 boss of Agony encountered in the room The Guardian of Light, and will appear in SUCCUBUS as the main antagonist.


Baphomet is a large hideous demon appearing in the shape of a human possessing many goat-like characteristics. Baphomet has feminine breasts lacking visible nipples, but also sports extra animalistic male genitalia, making his appearance look apparently sexless. Despite this, however, Baphomet is technically male.[2]

He has two pair of arms with clawed hands, hind legs, strong goat hooves, and spiked shoulders. He also sports large wings similar to the angels but the feathers are tinted with reddish colors instead of purely white.

His head greatly resembles of a double-faced goat with an opened split from the snout up to the forehead, sporting two long horns. He has three yellow goat-fashioned eyeballs; one eyeball in the split forehead and two others connected by fleshy eyestalks. The overall description of Baphomet's head seems to be a metaphor to the female reproductive system anatomy.


Baphomet is extremely savage in nature and move very quick, then murdered his prey by devouring their heads. But has poor eyesight due to having two deformed goat heads and both eyes barely closed in the skull.

Baphomet despises the Red Goddess and the Beast, as shown in the Baphomet ending; he catches Nimrod and rants how his soul belongs to the Dark Lord (Lucifer in other words) and not to both the Red Goddess or the Beast.



Baphomet was angered and unsatisfied with Hell being ruled by the Red Goddess, and her Beast. His anger was ignored by the Red Goddess and his efforts to returning Hell to it's proper place has proven futile. Now he waits till his time comes where he will rule Hell.

He is first seen in The Guardian of Light location as a seemingly lifeless statue, but once the correct offering was accomplished, he comes alive and emits a bellowing roar, then starts hunting for Nimrod during a confrontation. Should Nimrod get in Baphomet's sight, Baphomet will attempt to rush towards him frightfully quick, and if caught, Baphomet will pick up Nimrod and devour his head, killing him.


Baphomet returns with an army to reclaim Hell to its former rulers. Attacking Nimrod and his lover the Succubus, he is planning to take Nimrod's soul to become the all mighty demon, but is against his lover since she is planning on her revenge against Baphomet.


  • Based on his grotesque, goat-headed appearance, Baphomet is a real-life demonic idol that the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping and that subsequently was incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. This demon also has another name; "The Goat of Mendes". In Catholic and Christian culture, Baphomet is considered to be the image of Satan.
  • It is possible that most of Hell is being controlled by the Red Goddess, and Baphomet hates that and is still worshiping Lucifer/Satan.


Agony / UNRATED (Baphomet Ending only)

  • "Ah. I've finally found you, King!"
  • "You've signed a pact with a Dark Lord."
  • "And your soul will always belong to him!"
  • "Not to that red whore and her fucking beast!"

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