Cherubs are a demon species debuting in Agony UNRATED and the upcoming SUCCUBUS.


The demons bear a slight child-like appearance with double bodies merged into one like unto the conjoined twin birth defect, and a pair of large leathery wings with dragon traits. Their bald head possesses an inhuman-looking face with palish blind eyes and gnarly fangs.



The Cherub

Cherubs possess the ability of using Pyrokinesis powers, which can attempt to keep the right distance from the victim to lower the risk of direct contact that usually ends quickly. They usually appear in numerous groups like a flock, trying to encircle their victims.[1]

Birthed from sin, these infernal creatures interbreed with each other. Their malformed bodies move in contradictory logic, giving the impression that each of the two demons merge together, helping in battle and willing to feast upon the corpses of martyrs.[1]

These creatures are like scavengers, they wait for they're prey to die off by another demon, later it will take the scraps and leftovers of the dead souls.


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Cherubs are not a threat at all to Nimrod, as they are only scavengers and only located somewhere at the locations of Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, a Cherub is seen roosting on top of the doorway arch.




  • A Cherub is a name of a supernatural entity directly attend to God from Abrahamic religions. While Cherubs are commonly represented as chubby, healthy-looking children with wings (hence the Agony Cherub's child-like appearance) in arts, the Cherub is actually an alternate name for Cherubim, one of the highest-ranked angels depicted with an extra pair of wings and four faces (lion, ox, man, and an eagle). However, this demon from the Agony universe appears to be a diabolical equivalent to the original angel classes, with two heads instead of four as based on Ezekiel 41:18:
"And it was made with cherubims and palm trees, so that a palm tree was between a cherub and a cherub; and every cherub had two faces;"
  • The Cherub is first introduced in the September 23, 2019 update patch for Agony UNRATED to tease their incoming appearance in SUCCUBUS.



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