For the giant version related to the demons, see Enormous Chort.

Chorts are bulky demons encountered around Hell of Agony.


They are taller than Nimrod and other condemned Martyrs, with their appearance bearing resemblance to the body-build human male. They have long lizard-like tails, razor-sharp fingernails, tongue-like phalli, and hind legs with feet resembling more like animal paws sporting three clawed toes each. The Chort's face is somewhat disfigured with two human-like faces merged, lacking any eyes and teeth, and instead sporting a pair of red tentacles acting like horns. Chorts are always seen with their skin smeared with blood.


The Chort are aggressive hulking male beasts that serve the Goddess as the muscle men. The Chort viciously attacks with brute force, they also have tunnel vision, as they cannot see very far.


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Chorts are dangerous to say the least, but do not think they are impossible to kill or avoid. They have tunnel vision and are reckless with there striking patterns. They can be easy to dodge and are slow to chase you down, but do not get yourself in an tight spot or you might get smashed into tiny pieces!

Chorts can also be possessed and can prove useful when breaking shortcut points and taking more hits against other enemy demons, Onoskelises and Spiders avoid chorts. Use them for breaking shortcuts and kill other threats as well to help your journey on the way. However they do not last long, as chorts are more obedient and loyal to the Red Goddess that there mind are more easy to break free from you.


  • Chort is a demon in Slavic mythology and considered to be totally evil, with horns, hooves, a skinny tail, and a pig-face. He is the son of the Slavic god Chernobog and the goddess Mara. In Ukraine, he is also known as haspyda, didko, irod, and kutsyi. In folk Christianity, he is considered a minion of Satan.
  • In Agony Unrated, most chorts are found having sex/raping demons and other Damned Woman. Though it is unclear of what kind of sex drive they have, but most of the time after finishing copulating with they're "mates" they either leave them or brutally decapitate them.
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