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Chort is a note found in Agony / UNRATED.




The Earth shook the first time I laid my eyes on that beast. His brutal strength has no equal, and even demons run cover when the CHORT is near.
Martyrs punished with blindness go mad, not remembering anything except pain and violence. The weaker ones finally give in and their soul is dispersed, leaving a helpless, hopeless husk. There are those among them, however, who use their anger to bring their mutilated body to life once more and fill their veins with the burning blood of a demon. Opening their mind to madness and brutality, they change into 3-meter-tall beasts whose only purpose is to inflict pain on others. Pain and fear become all that they desire. The remnants of faith buried in the depths of chorts' minds drive their unwavering loyalty and unconscious desire to satisfy the Goddess. To glorify her, they erect monuments from the corpses of those foolish enough to stand in their way.
If you feel the earth being tremble beneath your feet, hold your breath and start praying.

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