A list of skills used by demons.



As a Succubus, Vydija, the player has basic movement abilities just like Nimrod: walk, run, crawl, jump.  However, the Succubus also has unique abilities, while lacking others:

The Succubus is unable to pick up torches. Instead of burning gates, she simply tears them down. However, she cannot do this with bushes. Another ability she lacks is possession of demons. Should the player die, she automatically must restart at the last Save Mirror.

Here are what makes the Succubus a force to be reckoned with in her own right:

  • Climbing - The Succubus can use golden handholds set into the walls of Hell.  By leaping from one to another, she can traverse the abyss or climb up cliff-faces.  Additionally, she can utilize special paths that often run up the wall. These paths are characterized by their purple and pink  hue.
  • Hearts - The Succubus can rip out the hearts of her victims. Upon encountering most smaller humanoid enemies, she can then use one of these hearts to kill them through some voodoo-like power, destroying the heart in the process. She can have up to three hearts at once.



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