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"Angels... The book speak of angels... One is in the chamber. Not far. I'll find it. I'll get out of here. Angels... That slut can't be the only way out... Can't be..."
―The desperate martyr explaining about the angels, Agony / UNRATED
Fallen Angels are the celestial beings that can be found in Hell, in certain parts of the story of Agony.


Fallen Angels are the fallen celestial beings that are either punished by God or simply lost in Hell. They are God's first creation before humanity and are beings of good. The four angels are all female and are found in certain parts in Hell.

However, they are ripped apart from their beauty, and have become vein-covered women, with lungs for wings, they differed from skin color and are blind folded.


Fallen Angels are not dangerous but have an oddly terrifying appearance, as shown in the game, angels can give Nimrod insight, giving Nimrod the glimpse of the future, and the feeling of others suffering. It is unclear of what the angels intentions are, but they seem to try to make the Nimrod sympathize with the other fallen souls and damned souls of Hell.




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Fallen Angel

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