The Ifrits are souls who have reincarnated from the souls of men and women who have sinned more than anyone else in both Earth and Hell.


Ifrits has a goblin-like face, three tentacles for legs, and floats around the air to find souls to either burn, torture, or terrify them. They are known as the demonic energy that lurks within the souls of mankind.


The Ifrits are vengeful beings that hunt down sinners and punishes them. If seen by them, they relentlessly hunt the player down until they die or out run them.


To deal with Ifrits is to keep Nimrod's distance and avoid their direction. As other demons cannot see or have poor eyesight, the Ifrit can see other souls and can be dangerous when caught by them. While Onoskelises instantly kills Nimrod if caught, and Chorts causing knock backs constantly. The Ifrit prefers to make their victims suffer from pain, they burn their victim constantly until they die or go mad.

Ifrit can also be possessed by the player, and flying can be highly useful. Light attack is a fireball similar to an Onoskelis, heavy attack is a grabbing charge that can push enemies off paths. Possession strength is based on how close Nimrod is to the location where he possessed the demon, if he travels too far away possession will break. The skill fruit to possess Ifrits is on an alter at the back of the Ishtar Temple.





  • Ifrits are Islamic demons appearing as some powerful type of jinn or identified with death-spirits in Islam and Middle Eastern mythologies.
  • Beta-Ifrit

    The Ifrit's old look.

    Seen on the Agony Kickstarter, the Ifrit's early beta model from the character detail section where it mentions Nimrod's eternal soul has a much solid body.
  • Nimrod's soul has the same exact appearance of the Ifrit.
  • Possessing the Ifrit will unlock the "I'm on fire! But I like it" achievement.

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