Infants are younger, helpless lifeforms found everywhere in Hell. They are both humans and demons' first stage of life evolution revived from the womb when killed, as a reincarnation.


  • Deformed - Very common yet frail infants. Their heads resembles most of the elderly martyrs while also looking almost bigger than there bodies. They seem to be used by madmen as either painting or small construction materials.
  • Human - Rare infants whom are birthed from Damned Women without any deformity.
  • Onoskelis - Infant versions of the Onoskelises.
  • Chort - Infant versions of the Chorts.


The infants can be picked up and throw, but will lead to their death. They can be also collected and used for sacrificial altars.

As Vydija in the Succubus Mode, instead of picking the infants up, she can kill the infants in several ways: breaking their neck, gnawing on them like a meat or dog toy, and stomping on them.


  • No younger Succubus infants are located anywhere.
  • While the adult Chorts have two faces, the babies sport three faces, implying that most Chorts can have more than just two faces. Although, so far, all known Chort adults has only two faces.
  • Sacrificing five infants will unlock the "They're now in the better place" achievement. This is exclusive to Agony UNRATED only.
  • Killing thirty infants will unlock the "Babysitter" achievement. This is exclusive to UNRATED.
  • There are few notable unimplemented features in the basic Agony game:
    • Even as the Succubus, the deformed infants cannot be killed, as they are mostly just seen for environments. This feature was cut but re-added in UNRATED.
    • Even though they still exists on occasions, the Chort babies cannot be sacrificed without the sacrificial altar implemented.
    • The human and Onoskelis infants did not appear.

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