For a notable martyr, see The Madman.

Madmen are common male martyrs who serve as the life stock (basically lives) for the player in Agony.


Those who are damned, are those who have sinned against God and His creation. Many tried to escape Hell, many serve the Red Goddess as pawns, or went mad; denying that they are in Hell, and its all just a nightmare.

But since the rulership of Nimrod, most of the Madmen of Hell learned to survive in the most basic ways man can do, crafting weapons and clothing to survive in the wilderness of Hell.


Once men of wickedness and cruelty; many were rapist, murderers, traitors, gluttons, lustful, and insane souls who went against the laws of man and god. They all deserve to be here, and as much as they beg for mercy or even call out to God, but alas, too late for them.


Since they pose no threat to the player and are scattered in random parts in Hell. Do not kill them, since they can be Nimrod's "extra lives" if keeping them alive, or even serve as access points if he sees that he cannot pass easily against an obstacle or even a demon ahead.



Men who have been condemned to Hell are striped from there strength; their bodies become fragile, sick and broken beyond fixing. They will lose their beauty after the fall, and no longer look like ordinary people. But sometimes deformed beings that is afraid of everything they see and touch.

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