Although unnamed, Nimrod's only son is an unseen character in Agony, and was the one that made letters across Hell.


Nimrod's son was described as an Christian man and the only damned soul that believes in redemption in Hell. He is the one who made letters across Hell, to hope to help others to seek redemption as well.

He seems to be the only one (including the survivalist) that avoids the Red Goddess and believes that there is another way out of Hell.

Not a lot can be known of what Nimrod's son looks like, but some of the letters described of how other people describe his son as similar to his father.


The son is seen as an faithful man of God, but lost his memory of why he ended up in Hell, and how he died. He has a strong will to seek redemption but is later fallen due to discovering the many reasons why he was in Hell. Just like when he discovered that he was born with the same mother as his father. He losses faith and begins to accept his fate.



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  • Though Nimrod never mentions his son at all, it might be clear or unclear that he might have not known or he did know that he had a son.

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