Once Again is a twenty-third track in Agony Original Soundtrack and a song performed by Liane Silva, with music composed by Draco Nared. The song is used during the second part of the closing credits after Born to Rule.

The official music video is also available.


All that is left is pain and fear,
I'm trapped here forever in eternal grief
My fate is sealed, my end is here
In neverending agony that no one ever leaves

Long forgotten faces, scenes just seconds long,
Long forgotten landscapes and sun I need to see,
Long forgotten places, cities I walked through,
Long forgotten world and life I'll never live
Once again

I belong to Her, the mistress of my fate,
To fulfill Her wishes and meet all Her needs
My fate is sealed, my end is here
In neverending agony that She won't let me leave

Long forgotten silence, calm and peaceful dreams,
Long forgotten feelings my mind won't comprehend,
Long forgotten colors, sounds forever gone,
All long lost desires that led me to my end
Once again,
And again,
And again

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