For the location, see Onoskelis Cave.

Onoskelises are common demons encountered around every layer of Hell in Agony and SUCCUBUS.


The Onoskelises are hideous demons that have a body of a woman, but a head that resembles a Venus flytrap, and hairless goat legs. Some also have jewelry and/or protruding horns on certain parts of their body.


The Onoskelises are mentally unstable female demons that cannot see but only sense. They attack they prey if caught and sometimes get sexually aroused but quickly return to their primitive state and brutally kill there victim. It is clear that these demons have arousal feelings but barely gets into it, due to there primal instincts overpowering their lust for skinship.

Most Onoskelises have different horns and skin color. There origins are unclear to anyone, these demons are in fact female only species, and has no male candidates. They also cannot climb on cosmic substance.


Onoskelises are blind and can only sense, hear, and feel. Nimrod's best way to avoid getting killed by these demons is to keep his breathing noise down. Holding his breath is key to getting pass if he have no choice but to pass them in close range. The skills that is recommended is increasing your stamina and reducing the amount of noise Nimrod make as a damned soul.

Onoskelises are also more attracted to torches, as mentioned by the surviving man, they are looking for warmth; even for a brief moment. So to attract the demons away from blocking Nimrod's path, or stuck in a spot where he might end up getting stuck with it. Nimrod can try throwing his torch in a direction in the room and sneak past it as it gets some comfort from the fire.

Some Onoskelises uses there powers to either kill Nimrod in a far range with fireballs or pushes him off the edge to kill him. But of course when obtaining a soul upgrade, Nimrod can possess them. It is not recommended to use them all the time, use them to clear off dangerous foes and then (if he want) kill himself as an demon and possess an damned soul with a clean and hopefully safe path. However they cannot kill Chorts easily or even Ugly Goddess, so avoid them at all cost.



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  • Onoskelis is a Jewish female demon with a beautiful form mentioned in the Testament of Solomon. The name is usually associated with the hobgoblin, Empusa, who was able to assume various shapes, however in this case, she is a satyra (female satyr).


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