For the achievement, see The great painter.

"Leave me alone now. You know the right way... You always know..."
―The Painter, Agony / UNRATED

The Painter is a martyr from Hell of Agony, first met on Chapter 3.


The Painter is an elderly man wearing some torn brown clothing. He also notably wears a crafted hat bearing a similar shape to the Venus comb murex shell, which holds the dead deformed infant.


Nothing is certain about his personality, other than he is a madman that continues to paint arts that resembles or is the Red Goddess.



To be added.


  • Upon the first release of Agony UNRATED, his hat is missing. This was re-added in the update patch.
  • While talking about the Succubi, he directly mentions the Goddess by name, but the subtitles reads as "her".


  • Hmm... One more? A hiding place. Need to find another hiding place. Hide yourself. Don't go that way. If I were you, I wouldn't go that way.
  • Don't go down that road. You'll disappear. You'll disappear in the fire, frozen to death. Only an echo will remain. Go. Go if you want. Maybe you'll manage it... And if not, only an echo will remain.


  • Of course. I know you! But you don't remember anything. Be glad. It was you who started this madness.
  • It's a good thing you did. No! I won't say anything more! I won't do it to you.


  • I've seen them. In the purest form... You won't be able to resist them. It was She who taught them everything.
  • Being with a Succubus you may notice the Goddess' taste... That's what they say... You can't resist them. Close your eyes, go to sleep. They drive your soul further away from God.
  • Leave them alone... Go now. You know the way...

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