Not to be confused with a similar dweller; Ugly Goddess.

Red Goddess is the supreme empress of Hell and an antagonist of Agony.


The Red Goddess existed since the day God made Humanity. She toys with God's creations and takes pleasure in their suffering. During the rise of Nimrod, she begins to take interest in his want for power and the goal to rule the Heavens. She assists Nimrod by giving him demonic powers and changing him into the first half breed to walk the earth. She gave him a test to see if he truly meant what he wanted, and sent him to the coldest mountain that no man or woman can possibly survive.

After impressing the Red Goddess with his will to survive the harsh cold, she sent him back to his kingdom with more power in him. As she slowly begins to become impressed by his dedication, she overlooks the fact that he also had an ulterior motive; take over Hell for himself and make her his slave also. However, she soon become aware of his plans.

Angered by this, she seeks to punish Nimrod herself, but discovered that Nimrod was poisoned by one of his own slaves; descending to the earth, she finished off Nimrod for his arrogance and selfishness and sent him to Hell.


The Red Goddess is a very seductive, manipulative, conniving and lustful being of great power. She loves the suffering of others in an sexual manner. She is also very obsessed with Nimrod, and has plans for him that can either humiliate him or make him loyal to her. She enjoys Nimrods suffering more than anyone else in Hell, and seduces Nimrod almost every chance she gets. Though he had betrayed her before, she still has lustful affections for Nimrod and wants him to either succeeded or fail.


The Red Goddess is a summodeistic feminine being: the one goddess for the entire civilized world. She was known by countless names and forms, worshiped as different goddesses across the world, such as Inanna of Sumeria, Ishtar of Babylon, Isis of Egypt, Lilith of the Hebrews, the Whore of Babylon by the Christians, etc. Her true identity remains obscure, however, the dammed souls of Hell called her as "Red Goddess" and her demonic minions referred to her as their Queen.

The Red Goddess and her "consort", The Beast. They together ruling Hell as supreme monarchs, but she is the one who in charge of everything in Hell as the Queen while The Beast serving as her mindless pet.


  • The Red Goddess herself is directly known to be Babalon, a goddess found in the mystical system of Thelema, which was established in 1904 with English author and occultist Aleister Crowley's writing of The Book of the Law, her name being later given in other works.
    • Babalon's idea is taken from the biblical Whore of Babylon, a female figure and also place of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. The Red Goddess is drenched with blood as her "dress style" and sometimes seen holding a chalice, similar to the Whore of Babylon's description who also held the chalice and wore scarlet (although with purple colors) dressing matching the color of blood. The Red Goddess herself riding Satan seen during the Normal Ending is also a nod to the Whore of Babylon riding on the Beast who also in scarlet color possessing multiple heads and horns similar to Satan.
  • The Red Goddess referring to a "father" who cast away his daughter, implying she is the daughter or creation of some immortal being or God Himself.
  • Succubus (and likely, Incubus) are her loyal servants who have been referred as "the eyes of the Goddess".
  • The Red Goddess is based on various pagan goddesses and mythical female figures, whom she have been identified with throughout the game.
  • Her name is likely a reference for a book of the same name, The Red Goddess. This book talks about the Babalon goddess, paganism, sex and drugs.
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