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SUCCUBUS Alpha is an alpha demo for SUCCUBUS. It is first announced on December 10, 2019, with codes given to first 200 players on December 13th, and 400 players on December 20th.



Version History

December 20, 2019
  • New special weapon, the Cursed Hammer
  • New arena
  • New enemy - Cherub
  • New FPP and TPP executions on Onoskelis
  • More tutorial popups
  • Weapon and environmental sound improvements
  • Fixed bug with AI loosing their paths
  • Zoom in/out added for the sex minigame
  • Breast physic added for the sex minigame
  • Additional fixing and optimization

Main Series
Agony / UNRATED (Demo)SUCCUBUS / Prologue (Alpha)
Agony VR EditionAgony: Spider RaceSacred Agony

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