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The artwork of Sacred Agony.

Sacred Agony is the oldest prototype before it ends up becoming as Agony. The game's development begun as early as 2015, and was revealed on April 28, 2015. No download has ever been known to exist.

On July 12, 2015, the game's Kickstarter page is uploaded, encouraging backers to pledge $615,280. Unfortunately it did not serve much attention; on its expire time date of August 20, 2015, with only $3,760 pledged, the game did not reach its goal. Its planned release date was December 2016, but was ultimately delayed for a long hiatus. A half a year later, on 2016, it was back in development and changed to Agony.

The prototype's abandoned social medias, YouTube and Facebook, can still be visited.


The game's plot was nearly the same as in the final game's release as Agony. Numerous models, environments, and visuals are strongly different and originally made with Unreal Engine 3 before using Unreal Engine 4 later on.

There are few items seen in the gameplay, but none of them are used in the final cut:

  • Location Map - A map item supposedly used for helping Nimrod navigate his way around Hell.
  • Pitchfork
    Pitchfork - The game was originally intended to feature more equipments than just a torch, like a pitchfork that was only equipped when possessing demons like the Onoskelis.

Some demons are as well drastically different: the Onoskelises are more paler and has less realistic details, and Leviathan supposedly resembles much like unto a whale-like beast.


Summary from its retired Steam Greenlight page.

"Sacred Agony" is a survival horror game, where player takes control of the soul, with ability to possess creatures and people on its path. The goal of the game is to bring back memories, and escape from hell. Player in his journey will visit four completly different enviroments. Project will debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Windows).

Sacred Agony have ambition to become amazing, AAA video game, with unique gameplay, and dark story. First person perspective, will give players immersive experience, which was tested and well received in similar, survival horror games.

Player will begin his journey as tourment soul, without any memories about his past. Ability to control people on his path, and even simple minded demons, gives player the necessary measures to survive in those extreme conditions. By exploring hostile enviroment, and talking with the weary men, hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require a meeting of the mistical Red Goddess, who rules this segement of hell.

Player have ability to choose from three different forms, which will completly change gameplay experiences. From weak human to almost immortal, powerfull demon? Why not!

Ethereal soul
Playing in this form, makes player temporary immortal, and give him ability to take control of people and demons. He can levitate and become invisible for enemies.

Taking control of the humans, will be main part of the game. In this form, players need to be carefull, and move in silence. Martyr can use torch, swim under water, holding his breath, resolving puzzles and even making traps. He also have abillity to discover secret chambers, finding hidden painting and collectibles, and he have special stealh movement. Martyr is the weakest body that player can control, so he is forced to hide from powerfull demons and he must be careful at every step

Controling this strong, almost immortal creature is hard, but gives many abilities needed to make progress. Demon can collect hearts, and this gives him one chance to overcome death. As an example, player can fall from an huge mountain and hit the ground. But if he have at least one heart collected, he can survive this. Demon is very fast and agressive creature, which can use telekinesis and his own hands, to kill anyone on its path.

Also, player can upgrade his abbilities in three main parameters:

  • Sound - reduce sound that player makes as a Martyr,
  • Breath - increase among of time that player can play without making a breath (useful for swimming and hiding),
  • Defence - give an option to survive attacks from weaker demons.

Sacred Agony wouldn't have made it this far if not for the support of gamers, the press, and fellow developers. Since the original prototype, we have change graphic engine to the latest version of Unreal Engine 4, and complete our vision of the game.

Kickstarter give us an opportunity to create game that will be in 100% OUR vision of the product. Going to investors, and huge game developers, always give an result of many compromisses, and kill creativity. This is main reason why Kickstarter is the best avalible option.

The initial goal of €544,400 will allow us to cover the costs of set up new studio, living for the team, purchase required hardware, software licences and assets that will allow us to finish the game, and to hire additional help for making unique soundtrack, voiceovers and translations. All funds will go directly into making the game and covering the costs of promoting the game on various gaming events around the world.

Single player campaign. Explore four unique levels, by possessing various creatures. Enjoy strong, epic, story driven campaign.

Agony mode - Survive as long as you can in procedurally generated level. Play as martyr, hunt and kill the demons with various traps.

Story behind the story - Find angels in hidden locations, and discover what secrets can be found in their complex, unique minds.

Hidden rooms - Discover secret arenas, with unique design and bonus content

Collectibles - Discover paintings, notes, comics and much more!


  • Android Lust's music are used in both videos:
    • "Cherished Agony (Last Drops)" for the martyr gameplay video.
    • "First Man" for the demon gameplay video and martyr gameplay part 2. Note that the music is also used for Agony's launch trailer.
  • Rest of the gameplay videos can be unlocked in Agony / UNRATED for the Gallery menu.






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