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Sacred Agony Album is a collection of soundtracks used for the early prototype Sacred Agony. All music are composed by Draco Nared. It is available on Bandcamp to purchase with $3.50, released on Jun 25, 2018.

The tracks were intended as much darker and less melody-oriented, fitting the mood for the vision of Hell.

The album consists of 7 tracks.

Track List

  • Martyr (02:10)
  • Darkness awaits (02:35)
  • Demon (01:32)
  • Landscape of the dead (00:45)
  • Uncharted path (02:14)
  • In spider's hands (01:18)
  • Rivers of blood (02:13)

Agony Original Soundtrack
Shores UnknownThe FallMenu ThemeRed GoddessMazeThe PitPleasure and PainStrandedJust Like Other BeastsServant of HellBring Me His HeadFrozen FireIce and BloodChaseWaterfallsRuins of the PastRoad to AscensionSit on the ThroneKingThe TowerFinaleBorn to RuleOnce AgainAlive
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV
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Sacred Agony Album

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