"The Sigil of the Innocent Sinner", the unfinished sigil of Buer.

Sigils are symbols used in magic, usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon.

In Agony, Nimrod must draw the missing/unfinished parts for each sigil to solve the puzzle before progressing his journey. There are over nine sigils to find in Story Mode. Two other distinctive sigils are found in Agony Mode.



  • Sigil I - TBA
  • The Sigil of the Innocent Sinner - Located in the Chamber of Innocents.
  • Sigil III - TBA
  • Sigil IV - TBA
  • Sigil V - TBA
  • Sigil VI - TBA
  • Sigil VII - TBA
  • Sigil VIII - TBA
  • Sigil IX - TBA
  • Sigil X (Agony Mode exclusive)
  • Sigil XI (Agony Mode exclusive)




Almost all of the sigils appear to represent specific demons:

  1. Buer - The 10th spirit, is a President of Hell who appears in Sagittary, and that is his shape when the Sun is there. (Agony)
  2. Raum - The 40th spirit, is a great Earl of Hell appearing in the form of a crow. (Agony)
  3. Caim - The 53rd spirit, once with the order of angels, and currently, high President of Hell, commanding 30 legions. (Agony)
  4. Zepar - The 16th spirit, a great Duke of Hell, who causes women to fall in love with men. (Agony, SUCCUBUS)
  5. Forneus - The 30th spirit, is a Marquis of Hell who appears as a sea monster. (Agony)
  6. Focalor - The 41st spirit, is a mighty Duke of Hell who appears as a man with gryphon’s wings. (Agony)
  7. Marchosias - The 35th spirit, a great Marquis of Hell who commands 30 legions, Marchocias appears as a she-wolf with griffin wings and a serpent’s tail, and spit flames. (Agony)
  8. Halphas - The 38th spirit, is a great Earl of Hell who appears in the form of a stock-dove. (Agony)
  9. Furcas - The 50th spirit is a Knight of Hell who appears as a cruel old man with a beard. (Agony)
  10. Sabnock - The 43rd Spirit, is a Marquis of Hell appearing in the form of a soldier with a lion’s head, riding on a pale horse. (Agony)
  11. Gaap - The 33rd spirit, the high President and Prince of Hell, commanding 4 of the principal kings and 60 legions, and as powerful as Byleth. (SUCCUBUS)


  • Every sigils are actual demon seals directly from the demonology grimore: Lesser Key of Solomon. This literature contains information and details about demons, summoning, occult spells, etc.
  • In Agony, when Nimrod's bodiless soul is about to die, numerous sigil parts appear for every split seconds.
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