Sirens are flying demons around the deeper parts of Hell, but are not a threat to Nimrod. They are mostly witnessed in Agony and UNRATED.


Sirens are not very detailed in the game, but appear as feminine demons with abstract-looking condor skull as a head (although some were that of an Onoskelis), and having arms and legs resembling that of a hairless bird/bat. They act as scavengers as they can be found eating only dead corpses; both demons and damned souls alike.


Sirens behave similarly as buzzards or vultures, and only scavenges dead carrion rather than attacking living things. They pose no threat, as shown when seen by them or getting to close to them; makes them fly away in fear.



Although it can be notable by the Red Goddess that she taken most of what Nimrod has created, and the deepest part of Hell an resemblance of his own kingdom. It can be predictable that she might as well took some mythology creatures from other lands; to mimic they're creatures into her own creation.


  • Although the name is currently unofficial without a navigated source, sirens are hybrid creatures of Greek mythology that appeared as bird-like creatures with women heads. In most legends, they are known for luring nearby sailors with their singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

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