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Small Spiders are arachnid creatures found around Hell in Chapter 1 and 2 of Agony.


Small Spiders are creatures that resemble an organ of some sort. Even some are moving skulls with organic material protruding from the skull within. They also doesn't seem to have any teeth (besides the skull spiders) and seem to move in a large pack.


Small Spiders are very territorial, as they do not move into an new area, they protect parts of Hell as they're home and attacks anything that crosses their path.

In UNRATED, Small Spiders formed inside the Damned Women. If Nimrod wastes his time before stomping the Damned Woman's bloated stomach, the Small Spiders will be "birthed" by bursting out of the woman's pregnant stomach. They will start following after to attack Nimrod.



Not a lot can be explained of what they came from, or even what kind of demon or creature they are. Even though they act just like the Spider, they seem to have no venom like an ordinary spider, instead it attacks constantly until the victim leaves or dies.

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