"The Soul Mirror is a special artifact. It will stare inside itself. After a death it can give you a part of its power to recreate your fragile body and refill your Destiny Lines. The Soul Mirror breaks after three uses, after which you need to reactivate it."
―Tutorial description
The Soul Mirror is an artifact-like martyr encountered in Hell's multiple areas of Agony / UNRATED.


Although the Soul Mirror is sexless, it has an armless torso of a male Martyr with a numerous amount of arms around (over sixteen of them). It is a being in an endless loop of cosmic pain. The mirror's origin is unknown to understand where it came from. It is clear that it is neither holy or unholy, but an eldritch artifact that came from the abyss of the cosmos.

It holds no allies or enemies, but just an offering being that helps who ever needs its power for something important. Though it does not give its user the power when living, but helps the users soul from being pulled to the wave of damned souls, or even the Ghost Octopus beings that float in the soul plane.


The Soul Mirror is first witnessed under the Judgement Chamber location on Chapter 1.


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