A list of Steam collectible items are released on November 13, 2018 after the following success of Agony UNRATED. Sold in Steam market, the items include trading cards, emoticons, badges, and profile backgrounds.

Trading Cards







Profile Backgrounds

Official Descriptions

  • Red Goddess - Blind faith pushes martyrs to acts of the utmost brutality, only for them to wash away the blood as they kneel at her feet. Brothers betray brothers and mothers eat their own children, just to bask for a moment in the radiant light of the Goddess.
  • Succubus - Many have been in the company of succubi, priestesses of the Goddess herself, and there are none among them who do not regret it. The succubi ignite in you the fire of desire and exploit your distraction to mutilate your body.
  • Onoskelis - Her seal was signed “Onoskelis,” and it is the Devil Himself who shapes the body of this beast. Not many have survived a meeting with this being, and it is she who always appears first and who changes life into a nightmare. They say that when you’ve met her once, she’ll never leave in peace. She’ll play with you and torment you until you go insane. Her breath will constantly bristle the hair on the back of your neck and as soon as you feel safe, she’ll rip your heart out of your chest, laughing in a guttural voice...
  • Chort - Pain and fear become all that Chort's desire. The remnants of faith buried in the depths of chort's minds drive their unwavering loyalty and unconscious desire to satisfy the Red Goddess.
  • Enormous Chort - The remnants of faith buried in the depths of chorts' minds drive their unwavering loyalty and unconscious desire to satisfy the Goddess. To glorify her, they erect monuments from the corpses of those foolish enough to stand in their way. If you feel the earth begin to tremble beneath your feet, hold your breath and start praying.
  • Leviathan - The prince of hell, whom no demon equals in strength and brutality. It was born out of an ocean of blood and still returned to it for nourishment. Thousands of butchered bodies joined into one to form a monster held together by the fear and pain left in the remaining consciousness of the torn martyrs.
  • Baphomet - Faithful and brutal servant of Lucifer. Baphomet is a brutal beast whose true form is hidden from the eyes of the demons of the lower hierarchy.
  • The Beast - A demon of many heads and a tail as long as a snake. The earth cracked under His steps and the most horrible creatures knelt in the His shadow…There is no more powerful being in all of Hell, but in spite of that, the cunning Goddess managed to make that hideous creature eat out of her hand. It is said that He wasn’t born, but created out of the shadow of sin and depravity, a manifestation of the masculine element of madness and brutality. His vicious nature and animal instinct constantly push Him to the cruelest acts of destruction – now, however, only to satisfy the sick demands of the Red Goddess.
  • Martyr - Tormented soul, trapped in the old man's body. Deprived of hope and memories, wonder in hell without a goal.

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