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"An unbridled monster, full of fury and hate. A demon with many heads and a tail as long as a snake. The earth cracked under His steps and the most horrible creatures knell in His shadow..."
―"The Beast" note, Agony / UNRATED

The Beast is the antagonist and the abomination of Hell, along with the second ruler of Hell, the Red Goddess. He serves as a final boss of Agony.


The Beast is a massive monstrosity appearing in a form of a muscular nude man. His whole skin appears in unnatural textures with red color like that of blood. He is endowed with a long snakelike tail, multiple phalluses, and two huge vascular dragon-like wings. Each of His hands are clawed, sporting extra left hands while the right hand seems to be sprouting from the gnarly mouth attaching at the end of the arm. His head is an amalgamation of multiple faces: seven demon faces and two beast-like dragon mouths, with several sprouting tongues portraying as horns. He is not born but created from the shadow of sin and depravity; a manifestation of madness and brutality.


The Beast's physical strength is tremendous due to His massive colossal size and being able to dominate everything in Hell. His animalistic growl shakes the very foundations of Hell.  His musclebound body can demolish anything He comes across. His enormous snakelike tail and phalluses breed incredible temptation and unholiness. His wings let Him soar to heights nothing else in Hell can reach. Coupled with the energy from consuming millions of condemned souls and demons, the Beast is on the verge of becoming almighty. With such power, it's only a matter of time before the Beast breaks down the barrier between Hell and earth, and unleashes the apocalypse.

Within the context of Catholic/Christian beliefs, the Beast is one of the most powerful and unholy forces within Hell, both physically and spiritually.

The first glimpse of the Beast occurs from within the depths of the Ishtar Temple. A distant craggy mountain rings the view looking upward from the temple, with the upper most portion of the mountain and sky ablaze in a blinding fire. From atop the mountain rim, the Beast emerges from within inferno revealing His massive physique, wings, and tail while He devours hundreds of lost souls who are engulfed by the infinite fire of sacred agony.

Even the faith of the most devout Catholic/Christians will be challenged when the Beast is revealed in all His glory in the final chapter. His incredible muscularity coupled with His colossal size, huge wings, and snakelike tail all combine to not only bring destruction and devastation, but also incredible unholy temptation.

In the final scenes, the Beast's fury climaxes both physically and spiritually. Flying into the uppermost bounds of Hell, the Beast's incredible strength cracks open a hole in Hell's boundary, allowing Him to penetrate through the molten rock and oceans and erupt on earth ready to bring forth the apocalypse.

As modern society continues to move away from traditional religions, revelation of the Beast as portrayed herein brings mankind yet one step closer to His worship.


The Beast is based on the monstrosity who is represented as an Antichrist and mentioned several times in the Book of Revelations of the Bible.

The fact about the connection between the Beast and the Red Goddess is an exact reference to the Whore of Babylon of Chapter 17 from Revelations, a female figure of evil (Red Goddess) that rides on the monstrous multiple-headed beast (the Beast) from the incoming apocalypse. The Revelation's Beast that the Whore is riding on has scarlet-colored skin and seven heads similar to the Beast in the Agony universe but sports ten horns and covered with names of blasphemy.

Another description of the Beast is from Revelations Chapter 13, where it is said to rise from the raging sea. It is depicted as a monstrous animal hybrid with a leopard body, bear paws, and a lion mouth, sporting seven heads, ten crowned horns, and blasphemous names on foreheads. However, this entire description bears no strong connection to Agony's Beast, as He is more of a bipedal demon than a animal-like creature. In that case, the Beast from Revelations Chapter 13 is a completely separated entity, but this has yet to be confirmed.


Agony / Agony UNRATED


Nimrod in the Enormous Chort's body attempting to confront against the Beast.

It is clear that since the Red Goddess has ruled Hell, the Beast was created and became the new pet of the Red Goddess. It is also not confirmed if Lucifer is aware of what the Red Goddess intentions are, but many demons have ended up worshiping her instead of him.

In Chapter 3, the Beast is first seen flying away briefly at the distance while Nimrod's meeting with the Red Goddess.


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  • The entire description of the Beast is remarkably inspired by a series of "The Great Red Dragon" paintings by the English painter William Blake.
  • Seen at the end of the Normal Ending, there is an uncanny biblical reference showing the Beast Himself rising up of the harbor ocean, directly resembling the description from the Bible verse found in the Book of Revelation chapter 13;
"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." (Revelations 13:1)
  • The Beast's personal pronouns used in words starting with a capitalized letter (such as He or Him) is in similar reference to God. Same applied to the Red Goddess and Lucifer.


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