For the demon, see The Beast.

The Beast is a note found in Agony / UNRATED.




Leviathans, their jaws shattered, their guts torn from their bodies, their wings ripped off, were spread out to the horizon when the Beast arrived in the wasteland.
An unbridled monster, full of fury and hatred. A demon of many heads and a tail as long as a snake. The earth cracked under His steps and the most horrible creatures knelt in His shadow...
There is no more powerful being in all of Hell, but in spite of that, the cunning Goddess managed to make that hideous creature eat out of her hand. It is said that He wasn't born, but created out of the shadow of sin and depravity, a manifestation of the masculine element of madness and brutality. His vicious nature and animal instinct constantly push Him to the cruelest acts of destruction - now, however, only to satisfy the sick demands of the Red Goddess. Who would be able to withstand such a powerful alliance?


  • There's a grammatical typo detected in this note: "The earth cracked under His steps and the most horrible creatures knelt in the His shadow..." It is unknown if this was fixed in the next update patch.

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