The Gate is the entrance to hell Hell, and a first location of Chapter 1 of Agony.


Those who are condemned and has fallen from the sky of Hell, martyrs think that they are in Heaven because of the clouds, but they were wrong. They must enter the gate of endless agony and madness.


Chapter 1 The GateThe Judgement ChamberThe Abandoned PrisonThe Timeless TunnelThe Maze of MadnessThe PitThe Spider’s LairThe Walls of SeductionThe Temple of PleasureThe Guardian of LightSecret Chamber
Chapter 2 Dark ForestHills of AgonyEternal FireTower of the GoddessGoddess ChamberThe Floating ForestThe Fractal ForestThe Waterfalls of BloodThe Mushroom MindThe Tree of LifeThe Room of Joy
Chapter 3 Frozen FireFrozen SpawnThe Frozen WastesThe Upper Ice CavesThe Ice PitThe Great RiteThe Bridge of Melted FireThe Ishtar GateThe Fallen KingdomThe Ishtar ChamberThe Ishtar Temple
Chapter 4 The Rivers of BloodThe Brazen BullThe Chaos TempleThe Plague ChamberThe Desert of LightThe Forgotten CavesThe Floating TempleThe Tower of Babel
Rooms Gold RoomRed Room
Universes EarthHeavenHellPurgatory