For the demon, see Leviathan.

The Leviathan is a note found in Agony / UNRATED.




I saw a beast so large that the world was covered in shadow the moment it rose up just above our heads. Despite its size, it floated through the air effortlessly, making the trees bend with the wind, and the world went silent, trembling before the power of Leviathan.
We observed it for weeks. The prince of hell, whom no demon equals in strength and brutality. It was born out of an ocean of blood and still returned to it for nourishment.
Thousands of butchered bodies joined into one to form a monster held together by the fear and pain left in the remaining consciousness of the torn martyrs.
In spite of that, it continually evolved and when it shed its skin like a snake, it disappeared among lightning-torn clouds. Only on its wings may one rise up to the heavens, but who would dare approach the beast, before whom even the wildest of demons bow?

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