The Madman is an disturbing character that appears only once in Agony.


Hence his name, he was found using the Infants as blockades to block the hole, in front of him for reasons unknown. He wears an makeshift mask made out of the infants face and is noticeably unstable.


The Madman is a crazed soul that poorly proves his own statements when spoken to. He is not aware of his surroundings very well and is reacts in an odd manner.


His frame is very fragile; almost too fragile, he is only seen once throughout the story. But does make a starting point about the Devil and the Red Goddess. But barely makes a good arguing statement.


  • During the Madman ending, Nimrod ends up looking almost like the Madman during the cut scene.
  • He makes a point out that he believes that Lucifer is with the Red Goddess but is unaware that Lucifer was not seen since the Red Goddess taken over Hell.