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The Succubus is the Red Goddess's loyal servant and lover in Agony, and one of the lustful Succubi of Hell. She is also the main protagonist of SUCCUBUS.


The Succubus Old

The Succubus' old appearance in Agony.

The Succubus is an attractive woman that is like the Succubi but with different features and personality. While some succubi are bald and has inhuman skin features. The Succubus has long blonde hair, a tail (that is rare to most succubi), a noticeable broken wing on her back, and has a more human skin tone than other succubi.

In SUCCUBUS, after being maimed and tortured, the Succubus regains a new form as a beautiful woman with brown hair and has more humanoid features.


The Succubus is a sadist and sociopath demon that is different to other Succubi. Rather than enjoying sexual activities with her victims, she kills in an aggressive manner and loves their suffering (almost like the Red Goddess). She used to dislike Nimrod throughout the journey, calling him "pet" each time he is present. She cares less about Nimrod's safety and continues to insult/abuse him each time she gets. Though she does hold some interest in Nimrod's willpower to find a way out of Hell, as no one managed to make it as far as expected.

After being crowned as the Queen of Hell by her lover and king Nimrod, they both rule as the new monarchs of Hell and all it's inhabitants. However, The Succubus decides to leave the role as adviser of Hell and continues to roam Hell's wilderness and fend for her own dominance rather than living the luxury as a queen to obtain dominance.



The Succubus roams around Hell's landscape rather than spending her time with the other Succubi, her task are unknown and her goal remains none. That is until Nimrod arrived in Hell and things gotten much more interesting.


After many years in Hell, she and her lover and king Nimrod rule Hell, but was invaded by Baphomet and his armies that are attempting to reclaim Hell and consume Nimrod's soul for infinite power. After being mutilated and tortured, her appearance ultimately changed. Now she has come to take her revenge on Baphomet and his armies.


  • It is possible that the Succubus was in fact a virgin. But it was only confirmed in the Agony UNRATED, and was never confirmed in the cut version.


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