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The Ugly Goddesses are large, hideously deformed demons that dwells in Hell of Agony / UNRATED.


The Ugly Goddess are huge deformed beasts that have no serving purpose to the Red Goddess, they are the garbage can of Hell and is very territorial. The Ugly Goddess has many disturbing features, such as huge and small mixed hands, no visible eyes, two mouths, and mixed horns that are both small and large.


Not a lot can describe their nature, other than they take small parts of land as their territory. But it is notable that they emit strange whining noises. As they are not very intelligent, they serve as weaker-minded demons. They manipulate the ground and rise up on a different spot on Hell, they do not hunt down their prey. They annoy them, every chance they get.


The best strategy to avoid these creatures, is to trick them to move in a spot Nimrod want them to be, they act very childish and striking him in attempt. If they are in the way of Nimrod's path, trick them that he gave up on the path and they will recklessly follow Nimrod to rise in front of him.

They cannot be possessed as told that they are brain dead and serves no purpose to their Goddess.

They also cannot be killed, and is completely unnoticed of pain and just grunts. But they can be forced to flee from the area if they get hit too much. For example, use the Chort to hit the Ugly Goddess until they flee, do not worry because the Chorts can take more hits than any other demon.




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