Unforgettable journey is a final achievement and trophy unlocked in Agony. It is absent in the UNRATED edition, due to technical issues.[1]

Achieve requirement

As the description says, in the game's basic version only, unlock all other 36 achievements (35 Xbox One achievements and 35 PlayStation 4 trophies) for completion.


  • On Steam, there is a rare bug preventing this achievement from getting unlocked. This was fixed in Patch #7.


  1. "Unforgettable Journey is deleted now!" - The Hell Messenger. September 6, 2019. Steam

Achievements and Trophies
Basic achievements
Can I lick it?Demon slayerDid I just bore him?Finally, a bath!Good and EvilHeart breakerI am enlightenedIce AgeI found a job!I have a beautiful soul!I'm on fire! But I like itI'm thirsty!It's a secretI was born to rule!Lara would be proud!Let me see youNever ending agonyNice tryPact with the devilPull it out!She looks good in redSurvivorThe force is with meThe great painterThe richest man in hellThe Scarlet WomanThere is always something biggerThis time, I will use the elevatorTo the sunset!Unforgettable journeyWait for me my Goddess!What a beautiful taste!What have I done?Where are you, pet?You look just like your fatherYour soul is mine!
UNRATED exclusives
PainkillerThe JawsThey're now in the better placeYou're so hot right nowBabysitterSpidermanWhat a smell...I believe I can fly
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