A list of version patches for the basic Agony.

Patch #1

  • The Maze of Madness puzzle is optional now.
  • Amount of enemies in The Pit is reduced.
  • Amount of skulls needed to solve Ishtar's Room puzzle is reduced.
  • Small tweaks for Dark Forest enemies encounters.
  • Added Torch to Onoskelis Cave area.
  • Amount of enemies in the Fractal Forest is reduced.
  • Amount of enemies in the Mushroom Mind is reduced.
  • Problematic sigils in Ice Caves are changed into easier puzzles.
  • Added a checkpoint after the first scene in Chart Chase (You no longer need to rewatch the first scene)
  • Painting in Chart Chase area changed place, so it's more obvious where to look for it.
  • Ifrit soul apple is now gained faster, and puzzle in this area got streamlined.
  • Added a checkpoint in the last chapter just before meeting with the beast (you no longer need to walk long path again)
  • Changed difficulty options - Easy Possession is now activated on both difficulties, and Checkpoint Destruction is off in both as well.
  • Stamina got a big buff and a small rework while swimming.[1]

Patch #2

  • Fixed a significant number of collision problems with the floors
  • Fixed collision problems that might force the player to get stuck in many places
  • Reduced the number of enemies in Mind Maze, The Pit, Fractal Forest, and Mushroom Mind
  • Added new Martyrs in key places so that the player doesn't need to backtrack too much
  • Some puzzles got removed so the progression should be more fluid
  • Changed difficulty of a few puzzles that caused confusion
  • Changed the way of obtaining the 3rd level of soul skill which also caused confusion
  • Fixed a few streaming problems that could cause the player to get out of the play area
  • Part of the 4th chapter environment got changed to make the progression easier and more fluid
  • Changed enemy patrol routes in some places
  • Added additional effects to "teleports" and some other events
  • Fixed a few issues with secret chambers
  • Fixed issues with golden statuette placement
  • Fixed many issues with the fire damage
  • Fixed some background animation glitches
  • Fixed scripting issues that could force a player to get stuck
  • Fixed a problem with exploding bodies that caused a big FPS loss
  • Polished lighting.[2]

Patch #3

  • Unlocked FPS, fixed a bug associated with 30 FPS lock in the game.
  • Added the New Game + button.
  • Improved collisions in all levels.
  • Starting a "New Game" does not reset the achievements already obtained, items unlocked in gallery and Agony Mode.
  • Updated backers list.
  • Antialiasing and subtitles settings are saving correctly.
  • Improved Succubus post-process.
  • Fixed the bug in the Floating Forest (bugged Onoskelis, which was crashing the game after possession).
  • Game no longer crashes if the soul cannot be spawned.
  • Improved interactions.
  • Cosmetic changes in the game menu.[3]

Patch #4

  • Fixed missing sound when taking powerup statue
  • Fixed UglyGoddess missing attack damage for Onoskelis and Chort
  • Fixes in soul spawning logic
  • Fixed broken spider attack when the player is in a gap
  • Fixed bug causing snake to throw the player in the air
  • Fixed 'blinking' water shader
  • Collision fixes on all levels
  • Cosmethic changes in the main menu
  • Fixed bug causing interaction icon to display in cutscenes
  • Fixes in lighting on all levels[4]

Patch #5

  • [AI] Torch which was thrown by the player, attracts demons more than before
  • [AI] Onoskelis is now sniffing around the hiding spots, giving an opportunity to use breath hold mechanic more often
  • [Feature] New post process (Inspired by Agony trailers), added to the options
  • [FIX] Player will lose quest collected items, only by restarting from the checkpoint
  • [Feature] LOD's as an option in the menu
  • "Demons and Martyrs are now activating checkpoints automatically on normal mode
  • (Hard Mode requires action before the activation of a checkpoint)"
  • Collectibles give player additional 5 seconds in Agony Mode
  • Ifrit demon is now more powerful on hard mode
  • Stamina and Breath holding underwater is no longer connected
  • Lighting improvements (Global directional lights are now disabled, we've added more point lights instead)
  • LODs distances improvement on some of the models
  • Title stability improvement
  • [Fix] Onoskelis finishers end with camera glitch
  • [Bugfix] Destiny Line tweak - Oneskelis Lair
  • [AI][Collision] Red Goddess no longer blocking player between collision boxes
  • [Fix] Crash error when entering hiding spot.
  • [Agony Mode]Lighting and reflections improvement
  • [Fix][Agony Mode] Killing Onoskelis is now adding progress to the quest "Kill demons"
  • [FIX] LOD's distances for enviro
  • F7, F8 keys to gamma adjusting
  • [Fix] Crash on snake requesting NavMesh
  • Added B&W Postprocess and LOD settings available.
  • Various tweaks in Onoskelis AI
  • Numerous other bug fixes[5]

Patch #6

  • Tree of life - possibility to exit a boss fight without solving a puzzle.
  • Fixed - achievements
  • Fixed - Secret location can be accessed without burning a bush.
  • Fixed - destiny line positions in several places.
  • Fixed - several collisions that could block AI.
  • Fixed - visible streaming on level 4.
  • Fixed post process blending on level 2.
  • Fixed collision in Beast boss fight.
  • Fixed - Pushing Onoskelis can lead to improper finisher.
  • Tweaks in the seeking soul spawn points.
  • Added collision check for spawning at souls spots.
  • Fixed - Chort can be blocked in some portals on the Tree of Life arena
  • Loading screen fixes.
  • Chort will now properly interact with burning martyrs (Tree of Life arena).[6]

Patch #7

  • Improved optimization
  • Improved stability
  • Improved collision detection
  • Improved AI
  • Fix for the "Unforgettable Journey" achievement bug
  • Fix for the Leaderboards bug[7]


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