A list of version patches for Agony UNRATED.

Patch #1

  • Improved lighting quality - adjusted brightness levels in several places,
  • Added an additional entrance to the correct sigil mark next to the Kali room,
  • Increased visibility underwater,
  • Fixed multiple collision issues,
  • Fixed temporary black screen when playing basic succubus ending for the second time,
  • Improved stability (random crashes),
  • Unlocking 'KillSpiders' skill enables a player to kill a spider without the requirement of winning a minigame first,
  • Modified camera effects for the Succubus,
  • Fixed the painting in the level 4; it unlocks properly now in the gallery when collected,
  • Baphomet will not pull the player from a gap just after 'entering gap' animation started,
  • Fixed hourglass icon not visible when playing as a soul,
  • Tweaked the hud in the spider minigame, so it's more clear how to win it now,
  • Minimap shows crucified martyrs (heart donors),
  • Fixed misplaced widget in the global ranking screen.[1]

Patch #2

  • AgonyMode optimization and tweaks in forest areas,
  • Fixed buttons mappings when conflicts detected,
  • More buttons available for rebinding,
  • Fixed a camera stuck when getting hit by a tentacle,
  • Baphomet fight is now optional in AgonyMode,
  • Added option for resetting all custom mappings,
  • Fixed sliding Martyrs bug after winning minigame,
  • Fixed dynamic checkpoints which not always reduced their charges,
  • Added possibility to use d-pad and arrows in the menu,
  • Fixed certain sounds being played when the volume is minimized to 0,
  • Multiple collision fixes,
  • Improved graphics quality on low settings,
  • Small spiders can be killed by Succubus or Martyr when skill 'KillSpiders' is unlocked,
  • Fix bug with Onoskelis not being able to run away from Chort when got hit because of constant hit reaction animation.[2]

Patch #3

  • Added minimap to Succubus Mode,
  • Agony mode performance optimization,
  • [Fix] Input can be lost when killed by a trap during spider minigame,
  • [Fix] Onoskelis' Force Choke ability can mess killed martyr animation,
  • [Fix] Some rebinding controls issues,
  • [Fix] Collecting certain painting blocks possibility of collecting another one,
  • The Increased difficulty of Ifrit (burning ghosts) demons,
  • Directional pad can be used to navigate the menu,
  • Updated backers list,
  • Added Screen Percentage to graphics options,
  • [Fix] Chort attack can break finisher animations,
  • [Fix] Closing blades trap can get desynchronized which makes it impossible to dodge,
  • [Fix] Soul Vision effect in Succubus Mode,
  • Hungarian translation by Zsolt Brechler.[3]

Patch #4

  • Improved optimization
  • Improved stability
  • Improved collision detection
  • Improved AI
  • Fixed the camera work during the possession of Big Chort
  • Fixed cavern streaming in the Goddess Cathedral
  • Fixed collision detection problems
  • Fixed invisible walls in Level 2 of the Succubus Mode
  • Fixed slow level loading during the return to the Spider's Lair
  • Fixed streaming of the Tower of Goddess
  • Fixed the unending collectibles bug
  • Fixed models in the Angel Ending
  • Fixed the default value for Japanese language settings
  • Fixed the crash occurring during the Nimrod Ending
  • Fixed the crash occurring during the fall into Fractal Forest
  • Fixed the icon appearing during the Map tutorial
  • Fixed the screen darkening after hitting Esc and opening the Menu
  • Fixed the skybox not loading in the Floating Temple
  • Fixed the collision detection problem in the Temple of Pleasure
  • Using d-pad after buying skills doesn't close the skill screen anymore
  • Improved level stats[4]

Patch #5


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