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"So... this is the new pet of my goddess..."
―Vydija, Agony / UNRATED

Vydija is one of the known lustful Succubi in Hell. She is the Red Goddess's loyal servant, priestess, and lover in Agony / UNRATED, and the main protagonist of SUCCUBUS.


Vydija's old appearance in Agony.

Vydija is an attractive woman like other Succubi, but with different features and personality. While some succubi are bald and have nonhuman skin features, Vydija has long blonde hair, a tail (rare for Succubi), a noticeably broken wing on her back, and a more human skin tone than other Succubi.

In SUCCUBUS, after being maimed and tortured, Vydija gains a new form as a woman with brown hair and more humanoid features.


Vydija is a sadistic and sociopathic demon that is different from other Succubi. Rather than enjoying sexual activity with her victims, she kills them aggressively and enjoys their suffering (almost like the Red Goddess). She despises Nimrod throughout his journey, often calling him "pet". She cares little about his safety, and continues to insult and abuse him at every opportunity. However, she does hold a degree of interest in Nimrod's determined search for a way out of Hell, as no one has managed to make it  even as far as he already has.

After being crowned as the Queen of Hell by her now-lover and king Nimrod, they rule as the new monarchs of Hell and all its inhabitants. However, Vydija decides to leave her role as adviser and continues to roam Hell's wilderness, fighting for her own dominance rather than living in luxury.


Early Life

According to interviews given in promotional material, Vydija was not always a demon, instead being created by the Red Goddess - a fact that many in Hell seem to take issue with. Despite knowledge of this circumstance, however, she claims that her memories of and before that event are fuzzy and she prefers not to think about them[1]. This lines up with previously established lore in Agony which implied that the Succubi are created from the souls of those who were chosen to serve as priestesses for the Red Goddess in life.

She's also stated that she's not entirely sure how old she is, although given that she existed around the time Nimrod descended to Hell in 1750 BC[2], and likewise existed when he left, around the year 2018 AD; and given that Babylon was founded in 2300 BC [3], that would put her age anywhere between 3768 and 4318 years old.


Vydija roams around Hell's landscape rather than spending her time with the regular Succubi. Her actual activities are unknown, and seems to have had no goalsprior to Nimrod's arrival in Hell.


After many years, she and Nimrod are rulers of Hell, which is then invaded by Baphomet and his armies in an attempt to reclaim Hell and Nimrod's soul. Ending up mutilated and tortured, her appearance changed permanently. Now she has come to take her revenge on Baphomet and his armies.


  • It is possible that Vydija was in fact a virgin. This is only confirmed in the Agony UNRATED, however.
  • Vydija has an official Twitter account.
  • Vydija's birthday is June 9th.[4]


First meeting
  • "So... this is the new pet of my goddess..."
  • "What does She see in this pale skinned body?"
  • "Even the bones are not that hard..."
  • "... so fragile..."
  • "Come with me, pet. Let's find our Queen."



  4. Happy Birthday to me🥳 I hope you've suffered accordingly to celebrate today!" - Vydija. June 9, 2020. Twitter

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