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The Winged Succubus is a minor Succubus demon who only appeared once in Agony.


In her real form, she is a Succubus with a pair of red, leathery wings, aside being covered with markings painted in blood and having absolutely no hair. Her disguised form resembles a Fallen Angel with much bat-like wings rather than lung-shaped ones.


While her personality is not very much known, this Succubus has a unique ability to shape-shift into a Fallen Angel-like entity.



In the Mushroom Mind of Chapter 2, she in her disguise appeared from above once Nimrod solved the sigil puzzle. Some group of Chorts showed up in an attempt to pursue Nimrod but he managed to grab the Winged Succubus' hand to get away from danger. Both went up away, like as if the Winged Succubus were his guardian angel. Few moments while flying upwards, however, the Winged Succubus' disguise worn off as she reveals her true colors, never hesitating to let Nimrod go and make him fall.

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